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I learned to swim as an adult. My first lesson with Coach Bev was in June 2019. I learned to float and kick fairly quick, but I was fearful of going beyond the shallow end of the pool. Coach kept telling me... 


'If you can swim in the shallow end of the pool, you can swim in the deep end.' 


By late September I was swimming front crawl, in the shallow and deep end. And I was breathing bilaterally. Coach Bev is an amazing teacher! When I tell others about my new swim skills, I tell people only about Coach Bev because she knows how to help her students develop confidence and push their personal limits. Thanks to her instruction I can now swim lap after lap.


Phyllis Graves

Current Adult Swim Student

Learn how to become one with the water.

The SBR4LIFE swim coaching program includes 6 skill levels.

| Learning Basics

Basic swimming strokes and skills needed to stay safe and to help keep others safe in and around the water.

| Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Entry and exit, water movement on front and back, and submersion in the water.

| Stroke Development I

Continued skill building in water movement. (i.e. flutter kick and rotary breathing)

| Stroke Development II

Skill building in front crawl rotary breathing, breaststroke, and backstroke.

| Stroke Refinement

Swim and bob underwater and dive from a standing position.

| Skill Proficiency

Shallow angle dive in deep water, jump entry, and feet first surface dive.


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