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No matter who you are SBR’s training program will give you the structure, motivation and know-how to get fitter, healthier, and stronger on the bike.

 The thrill of bicycle riding never gets old.

Get into cycling and get fitter or ride faster.

| ​Beginners

Designed for people who are new to the sport. The goal is to build stability on the bike and ride at a consistent pace for around one and a half hours outdoors or forty-five minutes indoors. This will include some low-intensity workouts, building into the second half of the program and some longer and higher intensity sessions.   

| Intermediate

The focus is to build up stamina for a longer distance (10-20 miles) ride. The ten week plan builds your aerobic base starting with muscular strength and a focus on cadence, which will boost your resistance to fatigue. The second half of the program uses low intensity sessions to improve your body’s ability to use fat as a power source, and then higher aerobic efforts to improve overall fitness.

| Advanced

If you’re preparing for a race and targeting events of 20 – 80 miles, then this one is for you. You’re a cyclist with at least a year of consistent training and you’re confident riding fast in a group. The first half of the program focuses on changes of pace. It will also improve your anaerobic threshold. The last half of the program includes short, explosive bursts and recovering quickly. This will help you to produce strong effort even when tired. 

| Additional Program Components

Includes sessions on equipment and maintenance and effective drills to improve your stability and navigation while riding.

You don't have to do 100 miles for a ride to count.

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