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Become the happy runner.


Whether you are just starting to run, or are training for your next race, you will receive all the instruction, accountability and motivation you need to reach your goals. 

Your training program will include all the workout types you need to reach your goal, matched to your busy schedule. Whether you travel frequently or are trying to fit your training around your favorite social running group, having a coach can help you put it all together.

Training for a goal race takes meticulous planning, constant feedback and monitoring of every session.

We learn about your goals, lifestyle and running strengths and weaknesses and tailor a custom program to reach your goal.

Athletes of all levels practice eight basic types of runs.

  1. Recovery Run - A recovery run is a relatively short run performed at an easy pace.
  2. Base Run - A base run is a relatively short to moderate-length run undertaken at a runner’s natural pace.
  3. Long Run - Generally, a long run is a base run that lasts long enough to leave a runner moderately to severely fatigued.
  4. Progression Run - A progression run is a run that begins at a runner’s natural pace and ends with a faster segment at anywhere from marathon down to 10K pace.
  5. Fartlek - A fartlek workout is a base run that mixes in intervals of varying duration or distance.
  6. Hill Repeats - Hill repeats are repeated short segments of hard uphill running.
  7. Tempo Run - A tempo run is a sustained effort at lactate threshold intensity, which is the fastest pace that can be sustained for one hour in highly fit runners and the fastest pace that can be sustained for 20 minutes in less fit runners.
  8. Intervals - Interval workouts consist of repeated shorter segments of fast running separated by slow jogging or standing recoveries.

We modify drills to accommodate individual needs such as range of motion limitations and/or injuries.

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